Acanthes 2004

5 to 18 July 2004



Applications - Bursaries - Practical information

Participants may attend all classes and concerts of the Centre Acanthes.

The number of active participants is limited, so a selection will be made on basis of applications. Composers and performers whose applications are not selected may nevertheless participate as “non-active participants”, attending the composition and performance workshops and the other activities of the Centre.

Participants are required to be present for the entire duration of the Centre and are must register between 2 pm and 6 pm on 4 July.

Lectures will be held either in French or in English, and simultaneously interpreted into the other language.

Active and non-active participants

• how to apply:

A full application should be sent to ACDA including:

- signed application form,

- recent passport photograph,

- application fee,

- a CV in English or French covering studies, current activities, list of compositions etc.,

- scores and if possible a recording (CD or cassette) for applicants for composition workshops,

- proposal for a new piece. Applicant composers who chose the workshop for four instruments with electronics should specify with which of the four instruments they wish to use the electronics.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

• application fee:

The application fee is 30 € net.

Any bank or payment charges must be paid by the applicant.

Payment may be made as follows:

- French cheque made payable to “ACDA-Acanthes”,

- cheque to be established by a foreign bank, made out in Euros and payable to ACDA only through their correspondant bank in France.

- post office international money order to ACDA-Acanthes.

Application fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

application deadlines:

- 9 February for composition workshops

- 20 May for other activities

confirmation of applications:

- from 1 March for composition workshops

- from 31 May for other activities

course fees:

Active participant: 220 €

Non-active participant: 190 €

Course fees must be paid before classes start, either in cash or by French cheque.


Two kinds of bursary are available. Participants may be awarded one or both:

• course fees bursary

active participant: 220 €

non-active participant: 190 €

• accommodation bursary: 150 €

Applications for bursaries must be justified and accompanied by a reference letter. They will only be considered once the entry fees have been paid.

Bursaries will be granted after examination of applications. Half the bursary will be paid on the first day of the course, the other half on the last day.

Recipients who leave early will not receive the second payment unless their departure is due to accident, illness etc.

Practical information

1) Accommodation

The Centre Acanthes can organise accommodation for participants in university halls of residence.
Approximate cost:

- single room 9m2 with shower and WC and minibar fridge for seven nights: 70 €

- breakfast: 1 €

These prices are subject to variation.

2) Meals

Participants will have access to the university restaurants in Metz. Approximate cost of a meal: 2.60 €


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